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If you just want to make a shot in the dark, you can try the free search. Simply type your search term(s) into the search field and hit ENTER. To help you find the desired keyword, the autosuggest option will show you all available terms. The query takes full advantage of the SQLite FTS, therefore a lot of search combinations and the truncation with the asteriscus (*) can be used across all database fields. Matching search terms are highlighted in all fields. If you are unsure how to search, take a look at the query options.


Both search terms must be present together in a data set. With this kind of research (probably the most common) the plus sign can be omitted:
Entire words: +jordan +wadi
Truncated words: +jo* +wa*

The first search term must, the second search term must not be present in a data set:
Entire words: +jordan -wadi
Truncated words: +jo* -wa*

At least one of the two search terms must be present in a data set:
Entire words: jordan OR wadi
Truncated words: jo* OR wa*

The search terms must be present in a data set in the exact order. With this type of search, the use of operators (+, -, AND, OR, NOT) or prefixes is not possible. Nevertheless it is possible to use the asteriscus (*):
Entire words: "wadi sabra"
Truncated words: "wa* sa*"